Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pirate cake!

What was used

I made the boat out of um paste and let it harden for 2 days. I had to redo the stick piece ones and ended up making it round instead of flat because the flat one broke.  

4 cups marshmallows with enough water tossed in it to make it slightly moist. Microwave on high for 1 min

Stir until smooth

Add 4 cups of powder sugar and fold in until it starts to get doughy. Rub your hands with shortening and kneed the dough in the bowl until its looks sort of like the picture below. Then kneed it on a surface that has been covered In shortening until its smooth.
Add food coloring and kneed it in. This particular batch of fondant was a little sticky so I put some powder sugar on top so I could cut it without it sticking to my pizza cutter.

Once the stripes were places on the cake I just rubbed them and the powder sugar goes away (see the second picture with the clean stripe?)

I took a picture I had printed and taped it to a zip lock bag. Then I just traced it by piping the lines. If I messed up I just wiped it off and started over. Then freeze for 10 mins and it will peel off and you can set it on the cake!

I used a circle cutter to make a black circle for the skull to go on.
I make the water with some blue fondant and just “winged” it. It was trial and error and I re did it several times.

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